Visit Kuala Lumpur for Less Than RM50 a Day

When people consider travelling to Asia, the city of Kuala Lumpur, or KL, is often overlooked in favour of Singapore, but KL has plenty of features that make it a superior place to visit. The city is modern with its soaring towers and diverse culture. KL’s culture fusion includes inspiration from India, China, Malay and even the West. This blend creates an intriguing combination of food, sightseeing opportunities and shopping. Kuala Lumpur is also an affordable destination. In fact, if you’re willing to forego a few luxuries, you can visit the city for less than RM50 a day.


Inexpensive Accommodations

Budget hotels in Kuala Lumpur are plentiful. Amenities are typically high quality as they often include Wi-Fi, workout facilities and business centres. Chinatown is one of the least expensive neighbourhoods in the city, so consider searching this area for affordable lodging. Chinatown is also close to many of KL’s intriguing attractions.



Low Cost Sightseeing

The city’s most famous landmark is the Petronas Twin Towers. An interior tour will exceed your RM50 budget, and just 1,700 passes are available each day. If you decide to overspend and tour the towers, be sure to arrive early to get a pass because they are distributed on a first come basis. If your finances are inflexible, visit the towers anyway to take a photo as the structures are an amazing sight. The Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is near the KL Tower, and if you visit the nature site, you’ll have the chance to step out of the crowds for a short time. The forest trek is an easy one that you can explore solo or enjoy with the help of a guide. Tours are free, and you can set one up at the KL Tower.



Reasonably Priced Souvenirs

To procure affordable souvenirs, head to Lot 10. This renowned shopping centre sells genuine designer apparel at bargain prices. At Lot 10, you can shop in different boutiques, and when it’s time to eat, order lunch from one of the restaurants in the centre’s food court. For more inexpensive shopping, stop by the Sungei Wang Plaza. While there, browse for affordable cameras, watches and local trinkets. Upon travelling to KL, you’ll have the chance to shop at one of the city’s many markets. Central Market and Chinatown’s JI Petaling Market offer some of the city’s best shopping.



Budget Dining in Kuala Lumpur

Dining out is also incredibly affordable and diverse in KL. To stay within a RM50 a day budget, head to the city’s outdoor food stalls. Street cuisine is typically from RM6 to RM9 per menu item while restaurant dining is usually around RM15 a dish. If you decide to splurge on a meal and enjoy table service, expect to pay around RM38 for your food and a drink.


Jalan Alor Street Food


Around Town

To keep your travel budget low, choose your accommodations carefully to complete most of your sightseeing on foot. Chinatown and Little India have the most attractions. Also, these two neighbourhoods are next to each other, which makes staying in one of them even more convenient. If you intend to explore farther, consider using public transportation. Bus passes begin at RM1 while transportation by subway or monorail costs from RM2 to RM35 based on distance.



Affordable Travel

To visit Kuala Lumpur for RM50 a day or less, plan to rough it a little by staying in hostels and eating street food. You may spend a little more to stay in a budget hotel in Kuala Lumpur, but it will likely be worth the added expense. The food, low transportation costs and affordable sightseeing locales make the city a great value.

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