Top Budget-Friendly Suggestions for Your Next Trip to Selangor

A trip to Malaysia is always a good idea, and this is especially true if you’re on a budget. One of the most wonderful places to visit in Malaysia is a place called Selangor. Before you plan your trip to this amazing city, you’ll of course need to book your hotel in Selangor.

With your budget in mind, look for something that meets your financial needs but also offers the best bang for your buck. This won’t be a challenge, and you’ll likely find that hotel selection in Selangor far exceeds your expectations.

Once you have a hotel, start looking into the activities you want to do while you’re in Selangor and the sites you want to see while you’re there. To get you started with some budget ideas, check out these suggestions.

1. Skytrex Adventure 

We can’t make this list without including the Skytrex Adventure in Selangor. If you love a good rush of adrenaline to your system and a challenge of the biggest kind, you’ll love the Skytrex Adventure. This is a sky trekking experience where you literally move tree to tree high up in the rainforest of Malaysia. You will experience different obstacles while on the course and be suspended far above the tree tops at the same time.

2. The Trampoline Park 

Do you love trampolines? If so, you can’t miss the Trampoline Park in Selangor. This place literally defies gravity. It is the biggest trampoline park in the world where you can act like a kid again or just bring your kids with you for some great exercise and wholesome fun!

KUALA LUMPUR, 09 OGOS 2010 - Gambar sekitar aktiviti terjun bungy oleh wakil wakil media di Sunway Lagoon semalam. .Gambar digital: Asmaruddin Jamaluddin / Pemberita: Halim / Hamzah
3. Bungee Jumping 

Again, if you’re ready for a jolt of adrenaline, you absolutely must try your hand at bungee jumping. This activity is certainly not for the faint hearted, but it can definitely be a blast, and you can get some great pictures for your social media page while doing it!

The bungee jumping location in Selangor is the first of its kind in the whole country of Malaysia. When you go on the jump, you will be falling at a free fall down until you hit 22 meters above the waters of the Sunway Lagoon. The fall comes to around the height of a nine story building. If you dare to try it, there’s a guarantee that it’s worth it!

4. i-City, Shah Alam 

If you’re heading to Selangor with you’re family, i-City is truly a must-see. You don’t think of snow in Malaysia, but nevertheless, here it is. There are millions of beautiful LED lights throughout this snowy city, and you can actually experience ice houses, bobsled runs, snowmen and igloos as you walk around. In other parts of the city, there are food stalls, cinemas and shops.

All of these activities can be done in the Selangor area, and they’re a blast for people of all ages and backgrounds. Just make sure to get your hotel in Selangor early so that you have time to book all your trips, and have a great time!


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