Tips For Holidaying In Port Dickson, A Yachtsman’s Paradise


Port Dickson is a seafarer’s paradise. For almost 200 years this quaint little port has been welcoming seafarers from all over the world. Formally known as both Tanjung (Cape) or Arang (charcoal)by the local Malay because of its location and carbon mine, the name of the town was changed to Port Dickson when the British built a harbour there sometime between 1828 and 1889. The locals then began to refer to the town as PD. In 1927, sailors returning to Malaysia from their adventures in the sea trade founded the country’s first yacht club. Since then, several more have been founded and PD is now a hotbed of yachting and sailing activities.


Yachting is not merely a hobby in PD. Members of the yacht clubs in PD now run regattas and teach dinghy sailing courses. They are so good at it that beginning at the level of Optimist Dinghy, the developmental sailing teams from Malaysia train in PD and sail from there as well. Plus, the quality of the dock facilities at some of PDs newest yacht clubs are so good, they are used by luxury cruisers, sailboats, and yacht travellers. Racing sailboats in the Royal Langkawi International Regatta, the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta, the Phuket Kings Cup regattas from Thailand, and others use PD as a transit point for joining the regattas.
The yacht clubs in PD also host internationally sanctioned yachting competitions. In 2006, PD yacht clubs hosted the disabled sailing event for the FESPIC Games. They did so well, in 2009 they were given the opportunity to host the ASEAN Para Games disabled sailing event. These days it’s not a surprise for competitors in yachting competitions to stay at a hotel in PD because of their quality service and their close proximity to the yacht clubs and marinas. Internationally known sailors and yachters spend time relaxing at many a PD hotel.

Aside from its high quality dock facilities and long association with sailing, another reason sailors and yachtsmen love visiting PD is because of the quality of the accommodations. PD is awash with attractive, comfortable, 3, 4, and 5 star hotels. Add the high-quality service for which the PD hotel is known and it’s easy to understand why highly-skilled, worldly professionals would choose a hotel in Port Dickson for rest and relaxation after battling the high seas and fierce competitors. For them a hotel in Port Dickson not only offers the best proximity to the regional regattas, they also know how to treat people right.

A holiday in PD is an experience you will not soon forget. It represents the opportunity to relax on the milk-white sands of a secluded beach, sway in a hammock a stone’s throw from turquoise waters of the Straits of Malacca, watch the annual migration of several species of exotic birds, or take in the exciting, colourful spectacle of a regatta and get the chance to mix and mingle with these top flight athletes. A holiday in PD is memorable.


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