Things to Do and Places to Stay in Port Dickson, Malaysia

Port Dickson is about 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur center, but it is a world away from the stress and strain of Kuala Lumpur’s hustle and bustle. There are many things to see and do in this district, and in this article we will share some of the top attractions to take in here, as well as offer a few hotel ideas for those looking to spend their holiday here.


What to Do? 

Although walking along the beach and lounging in the sun are the top attractions in this region, perhaps you might like a little more adventure on your vacation. If so, you are in luck, for there are many attractions here to keep you and your family amused for hours. For example, here you can explore the Military Museum. This museum informs visitors on the military history of the Malay peninsula. You can take a close look at helicopters, armored cars, jeeps, and tanks.

Alive 3D Art Gallery Port DicksonOne very interesting gallery in this area is the Alive 3D Art Gallery. Here guests will find many optical illusions and interactive works of 3D art to play with. There are a great array of pictures to be taken here, including with the Leaning Tower of Pisa and even Avatar. The great part about this museum his how interactive it is. You will literally become a part of the artwork.

After you are done looking through these museums, you can take a peek at the
. This pretty little temple is famous for its tortoises, so it makes a great spot to bring youngsters. Also, visitors can admire the wonderful Chinese architecture all around.

Hotels in Port Dickson

There are many different hotels to choose from if you wish to stay in this area for a while. The Avillion Port Dickson is a popular four-star hotel with a sauna and great views of the water. This hotel also has a kid’s pool and kids club, so this might be a good option for those traveling with children.

Luxury travelers might like to look into the Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, which offers five-star amenities to its guests, including a sky pool villa and excellent service.

The Marina Crescent Condominium is a great option for those interested in staying at an apartment-like setting during their trip. Each room here is very spacious and offers their guests a great array of amenities. This complex also offers a kids pool and a fitness center. So, for those who are looking for a larger room option, this might be one location to check out.

People come to this coastal area to relax and revive. This port is known for its calming atmosphere and stunning beaches. Whenever you feel in need of a reboot, you should look into stopping by this coastal region in Malaysia. There are plenty of things to see and do here, as well as plenty of time to just lounge, relax, and enjoy the beautiful coastal breezes of Malaysia.

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