Six Fantastic, Must-See Penang Street Arts

The Georgetown neighborhood in Penang is an incredibly fun and vibrant place to visit. The bustling streets, scenic neighborhoods, and quaint storefronts all are very inviting to locals and visitors alike. Yet, many do not realize the vibrant arts scene that exists in Penang and its Georgetown neighborhood.

When you get a hotel in Penang near street arts, you can spend many great hours strolling the lively streets. You also can enjoy local foods and shops, and visit the many great commissioned street artworks by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic.

The Penang Municipal Council in 2012 commissioned Zacharevic to liven the streets along Georgetown. The following six examples represent some of his best works and impressively incorporate structural elements into the artworks.

Little Girl In Blue

The 20-foot-high mural on Muntri Street is one of the artist’s best known and depicts a young girl in deep blue pajamas situated between two shop windows. The larger-than-life mural is readily viewable from a distance and is one of the most visited in Penang.

Children In A Boat

Another favorite of many visitors and local art lovers, the illustration shows a young boy and girl manning a small boat heading out into the ocean. It is located in Chew Jetty along the waterfront in Penang, and illustrates the hearty nature of Penang’s residents.

Boy On A Bike

The remnants of an actual motorcycle, combined with an artistic depiction of a young boy riding a small motorcycle on the city streets earns many smiles from visitors on Ah Quee Street.

Little Boy With Pet Dinosaur

One of the more light-hearted pieces by Zacharevic, this painting shows a small boy struggling to hold onto a leash attached to the collar of his pet dinosaur. It also is located on Ah Quee Street.

Reaching Up

This interpretive piece shows a young boy reaching up for some real potted flowers in an actual windowsill along Cannon Street. The piece humorously combines fantasy and reality, while providing aesthetic pleasure for art lovers and others.

Little Children On A Bicycle

Another popular work and located on Armenian Street, this work is similar to the motorcycle work by using an actual bicycle “ridden” by two colorful and fun-filled children.

Many More Great Works Await

Since the Penang Municipal Council first commissioned Zacharevic’s artworks in 2012, the city has embraced the street art scene and made it a viable attraction for tourists and locals alike. Many other artists since have contributed newly commissioned works, while others have toiled more anonymously with their own unique visions of Penang street arts.

The many outstanding works by Zacharevic are complemented by subsequent ironworks and other commissioned street art pieces in Penang. Some of the more popular of the later works include dioramas made of steel rods by local artists and depicting local ways of life.

No matter which types of artwork you enjoy, there are ample opportunities to take in and enjoy hundreds of fantastic street artworks by renowned and relatively unknown artists in Penang.

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