Many PD Hotel Choices Available to Travellers


Port Dickson, also referred to by locals as PD, is a highly favoured Malaysian holiday destination on the country’s peninsular west coast. Its nearness to the nation’s capital and the many accommodation options available to holidaymakers have a lot to do with its ever-increasing popularity. When looking for the best Port Dickson hotel, visitors are usually happy to discover that rooms and suites can be found to suit essentially any taste or budget. Below are some of the characteristics that make the town a fun and interesting place in which to spend time:


An Interesting Coastline 

PD and the surrounding regions boast a virtually unbroken shoreline, much of which is lined by tall, swaying palm trees and shady casuarinas. Gentle breezes and sea waves blow through from the Straits of Malacca, which make the region perfect for swimming.

Activities and Landmarks 

The area also hosts various events each year that draw visitors from Europe, India and Asia. Two of the most popular of these are the Port Dickson Annual Festival and the International Port Dickson Ironman Triathlon. Those who enjoy attending sporting events and outdoor festivals should consider planning a trip around these occasions.

Additional Attractions 

The beautiful coastal town of PD has many additional attractions from which to choose. These include the Lukut Fort, which was built to protect the town after which it was named from robbers. A thriving tin-mining community at the time the Fort was built, Lukut is now a beautiful tourist area. Adjacent to the Fort is an expansive museum that offers holidaymakers a glimpse into the history of the town.
Cape Rachado 

Situated near PD is Cape Rachado, a centuries-old lighthouse that was once used to assist sailors from Melaka to find their way into the region’s port of call. The lighthouse offers mesmerising views of the coastline and is also a wonderful place to observe numerous bird species in their natural habitat.

PD Ostrich Farm 

The Port Dickson Ostrich Farm is another must-see attraction for anyone planning a holiday in PD. Boasting several hundred ostriches, including babies, the Farm is an ideal choice for families with children or anyone interested in wildlife. Guests can also view exotic crocodiles, pheasants, chickens and peacocks. In addition, hosted activities are provided by the establishment for patrons of all ages.


Dining out in PD is an activity all by itself. Local restaurants offer diversified menus that feature a delightful array of options. These include Western fare, fresh seafood, Indian cuisine and exotic local dishes.


To enjoy all that Malaysian offers, visitors should consider booking their PD hotel between April and November, as temperatures are near perfect during these months. December and January are the rainiest months, with week-long rainfalls not uncommon. June and July are the area’s most popular months, and therefore Port Dickson hotel reservations should be made far in advance if a summer visit is desired. Anyone who chooses PD for his or her holiday can anticipate an enjoyable, unforgettable and exciting Malaysian holiday.


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