Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan: Where to Get Bus Tickets Online

You will have no problem finding a bus to Kuantan from Kuala Lumpur. There are many options. Several comprehensive and user-friendly websites are available where you can choose and conveniently buy your bus ticket online. It’s easier and safer to book online than to buy your tickets at the terminal or station. Also, they offer discounts and comprehensive information. You can save a lot of money, from 6% to 50% discount, by doing a coupon search on the particular travel site. All the buses are very comfortable and deluxe. The driver usually allows one or two restroom stops. All in all, the one-way trip will take three to 3 1/2 hours. Major credit cards including Paypal are accepted.

Catch That Bus

catch bus

The website www.catchthatbus.com offers tickets on designated travel dates to Kantuan. There are three bus companies to choose from. These are:
1. Transnasional
2. Plusliner and
3. Cepat Ekspress


tbsThey all depart from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan or TBS, which is well-known terminal and equipped with cutting
edge technology and design. Transnasional and Plusliner also depart from H. Jln Pekeliling Terminal, which is modest, older and located in Jalan. For any questions regarding buying tickets online, call Catchthatbus.com at 603 2630 8311.





You can also buy a bus ticket online at the website www.easybook.com. You can take a bus to Kuantan riding:
1. Transnasional
2. Plusliner
3. Cepat Ekspress
4. Konsortium Bas Ekspress.
They all depart at Terminal Berspadu Salatan or TBS. If you have any questions about your online purchase, call Easybook.com at 604 332 7718 or 6010 39 666 88.

Bus on Line

The site www.busonlineticket is another dependable and safe online store where you can purchase your bus ticket to Kuantan. You can buy tickets for either
1. Transnasional or
2. Plusliner.
The buses depart from Pudu Sentral or Puduraya Terminal and Pekeliling Bus Terminal. Pudu Sentral is the Kuala Lumpur’s busiest bus hub. If you have any question with your purchase, call BusOnlineTicket at 656 494 0648 or 603 9134 8576.


The site www.ticket4u.com is specifically created for Plusliner tickets. It also offers promotional discounts.

Red Bus

The site www.redbus.sg offers discounts as much as 50%, depending on their promotional season. You can buy bus tickets for:
1. Transnasional or
2. Plusliner

Mara Liner

The Mara Liner is operated by the Malaysian government. It is an express service. You can purchase their bus tickets through their company website, www.maraliner.com. Air conditioned and pleasant, reviews from passengers have been good. You can relax during your ride because the driver drives carefully. Your bus will depart from Desa Karamat in Kuala Lumpur. Desa Karamat is a small, safe and upscale town. Call the bus company at 013-3077044 for specific directions to the station at Desa Keramat and if you have any questions about purchasing tickets online.

All the buses drop the passengers off at Terminal Sental Kuantan. Since Kuantan is a small place, riding a taxi to your hotel or destination will not be expensive.

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