If You Haven’t Heard of Port Dickson, Here’s What You Should Know

Port Dickson is a vastly popular beach community with top beaches alongside top accommodation and dining options in Malaysia. Whether you are simply looking to escape from the city for a few days or to spend a week decompressing from your travels, Port Dickson has something exciting to offer everyone.


Points of Interest

Port Dickson is often referred to as PD by locals and in general conversation. Around the time of the Asian economic crisis, this resort village was on the brink of destruction from pollution and over-development without preservation or environmental protection. It is quickly returning to a popular international tourist destination, however it has long been a preferred weekend and holiday destination for locals, expats and Singaporeans. Touring the area is rather simple if you hire a vehicle, however it becomes somewhat more challenging without one; although, it is relatively easy to arrive at Port Dickson by bus or ferry from a number of regional cities. And, it is the closest beach destination to Kuala Lumpur.



Accommodation and Dining

Accommodation ranges from top hotels to basic guesthouses and the services and amenities will also vary greatly. You should always make reservations in advance, particularly during major regional holidays such as Ramadan and school holidays. A reservation will often also guarantee you the best price. You can check this best hotel in Port Dickson out to see what it can offer you.


Dining in Port Dickson is a wonderful adventure. You can choose from food stalls in Chinatown to fine dining options near many of the top resorts. Malaysian food is truly unique and a culmination of all regional influences including China and Singapore. If you find yourself seeking alternative breakfast options, you can now find western-style breakfasts in various locations throughout which include beef bacon and eggs.



As PD is an ideal beach destination for a relaxing holiday, you will easily be able to find an assortment of beach-related activities. If it is fun in the sun that you seek, you will find cabanas and sunning chairs to read a book or receive a massage. If you wish to take to the water, a number of water sports are available such as sailing, skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and boating. On Friday and Saturday nights, an enjoyable night market is available to all near the Blue Lagoon. You might also explore the wildlife sanctuary, forest reserve, a 16th-Century lighthouse and even a communist tunnel. PD has something for everyone including many family friendly activities such as a petting zoo and water parks.


Port Dickson is, once again, growing in popularity throughout the international tourism circuit. Regardless of your budget and activity interest, you will find what you seek in this small and charming beach village outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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