Four Fabulous Travel Tips For Experiencing Malaysia On A Budget

In our global society, world travel has become an aspiration that spans all classes of people. Opportunities to experience other cultures, see new places and try new things are very enticing, but most travelers have to plan carefully to be able to afford it. Thankfully, with careful planning, almost anyone can afford to experience world travel, including travel to the beautiful and exotic territories of Malaysia. The time it takes to find a budget hotel has been reduced drastically by the convenience of the Internet, but that’s not the only way to cut back on spending during your trip to Malaysia. Here are four tips that will help you make the most of both your money and your time spent abroad.


1. Try Local Cuisine 

While it might be tempting to stick to the few restaurants and foods you’re familiar with, taking time to immerse yourself in the local Malaysian cuisine will offer an experience that is both cheaper and more unique than fast food hamburgers and salad. The traditional cuisine of Malaysia is prepared with natural, humble and inexpensive ingredients that are prepared and seasoned to create delicious ethnic dishes. Venture outside the box of fruit snacks and the bag of beef jerky and try many of the delicious fragrant rice dishes made with coconut milk and curry to get the full Malaysian experience for much cheaper than a pizza.

2. Explore On Foot 

With a little research, you need not be limited to experiencing Malaysia under the guidance of someone else. Cities like beautiful Kuala Lumpur are among the best places to find a budget hotel in Malaysia, and are also some of the easiest areas to explore without needing a specialized tour guide. Your hotel concierge can help give you basic directions regarding the rich artistic and cultural centers within the city, giving you the opportunity to step out and explore on your own without having to shell out extra cash for a guide.

3. Pack For The Weather 

If you’ve been researching a journey to Malaysia, chances are that you’ve discovered that the average temperatures there year-round are quite hot, and that rain and flooding can be common. Unless you already live in an equatorial area, you are probably not used to these conditions. One major travel expense faced by many globetrotters occurs when they realize they’ve forgotten- or didn’t know they needed- some significant item to help them deal with the climate of the area. When traveling to Malaysia, make sure you buy your sunscreen, hot weather clothes and protective weather gear in your home country. Trying to buy these things abroad can get complicated and pricey, and it is much easier to come prepared.

4. Only Buy Things You Couldn’t Buy At Home 
Traveling is a time when it can be very tempting to indulge in excess spending simply for the sake of indulging yourself. Malaysia’s highly industrialized areas feature many huge shopping centers, popular with locals and tourists alike. While exploring is fun, buying a large accumulation of things like clothes and housewares for only slightly less than you would pay in your home country winds up not being a savings at all when you have to ship them home or carry extra luggage. Only pick out special items that are meaningful and could only be obtained in the area in which you are traveling. This will help you conserve both money and space and make your overall travel a much smoother process.

As you can see, with critical thinking, global travel on a budget is not only possible but has the potential to be an incredible experience. If you’re thinking about an international trip on a budget, consider Malaysia for your next destination.


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