Food & Travel Tips/Guides to Sabah, Malaysia


If you are visiting Malaysia in the near future, there is a good chance that you have looked into the local cuisine, as there are a ton of amazing ethnic restaurants in the area, ranging from small restaurants that you might pop into for a quick lunch, to luxurious restaurants for a late dinner. While there are all sorts of restaurants in Sabah, Malaysia, eating at a restaurant that focuses on local cuisine is the best way to go. Sabah has an incredible amount of seafood restaurants, as the state rests right on the ocean, so you will find a bunch of restaurants that feature locally caught seafood. This is a great way to go, although you might also be looking for a nice cut of steak, or any other type of dish. The best way to locate top of the line food in Sabah, Malaysia, is to either do your research ahead of time and find a restaurant that has gotten great reviews, or simply do a quick search online when you get hungry. It might be a good idea to search for different types of restaurants and find out which restaurants are highly rated, just so you know when you get hungry for a specific type of food what is available.

Restaurants Options 
Seafood restaurants reign supreme in the area, but here are some of the best restaurants in Kota Kinabalu, which you may want to pay a visit to when you are staying in the state of Sabah Malaysia. Suang Tain Seafood restaurant has nearly perfect reviews online and is a staple in the area, and New Gaya Seafood restaurant also has a great reputation in the area. Even though you might be in Malaysia, if you are into Japanese food and want to get yourself some amazing sushi, or a classic Japanese dish, you may want to head over to Nagasaki Japanese restaurant. There are fine Italian restaurants in the city as well, such as Little Italy, which is a popular Italian restaurant in the area, and likely one of your best options to land some great Italian food while staying in Malaysia.

Western Restaurants 
If you are on the hunt for Western food in KK, as so many tourists are that come to the area, there are also a bunch of restaurants that can serve you a great meal. Keep in mind, when in Malaysia, there are a ton of restaurants that feature food that is locally caught, which you might not ever get a chance to taste again. Because of this, if you do find yourself in Kota Kinabalu, or any other city in the state of Sabah, you should absolutely make it a point to test out some of the incredible locally caught seafood. There is no debating to the fact that this area is well known for its fantastic seafood and top of the line seafood restaurants that serve their locally caught catch, so make sure you make it a point to try out some of these restaurants.


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