Doing Off-beat Activities in Port Dickson, Malaysia



Traveling to Malaysia doesn’t mean a visit to Kuala Lumpur. Just a few hours from this posh urban city, there is a quaint beach-side refuge known as Port Dickson. The town’s laid-back setting, scenic vistas, and friendly people make the vacationing experience even better. While in Port Dickson, travelers can enjoy some unique activities such as ostrich ride, oriental temple tours and historic excursions. However, doing off-beat in Port Dickson is also highly recommended for every traveler. Exploring the local culinary scene, historic establishments and flea markets can give you an insight into the local culture in Port Dickson. Plus, the town’s diverse and strong culinary history and local shopping will not disappoint you.
Local Cuisine:

Malaysian cuisine has a lot of regional and coastal influences, and there is no better place than the coastal Port Dickson town to explore the local food culture. Of course, the food choices here include a majority of seafood dishes. Thanks to the city’s vicinity to the ocean. Seafood meals are a staple of Malaysian cuisine. Sambal, Hokkien Mee and jaala roti are quite famous among tourists and locals alike. Beware of the spice levels. You can always request for a low level of spice in your sambal sauce while ordering food. For your dining, Port Dickson has romantic dining settings at upscale hotels and resort venues, casual dining restaurants and even street-side food stalls.
Exploring food stalls:

Another way of exploring the culinary culture in Port Dickson is through some food on foot tours. Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy sampling dishes from a wide variety of food vendors that offer everything from tasty small plates to delicious desserts. Some of the top street-food picks include fried prawns with sauce, meat satay with peanut chutney, and the roasted fish dish or the Ikan bakar. There are plenty of local food stalls that offer delicious sweet dishes. Malaysian dessert favorites include many deep fried pastry desserts such as banana fritters, iced desserts made from coconut milk and sweet pancake like desserts with an ample of filling choices. For more information, you can always stop by the concierge desk at your PD hotel.
Historic Tours:

While in Port Dickson, visit the Cape Rachado lighthouse. This historic structure dates back to the 16th century. The lighthouse is located on the summit that offers breathtaking views of the Malacca Strait. Visitors are welcome to take a tour of the lighthouse, hike around the area and enjoy panoramic vistas. There are campsites on the lighthouse grounds too. Those interested in camping can always choose this for their overnight stay and enjoy the beautiful sunsets at the nearby Cape Rachado peak.
Army Museum 1

Another option for your off-beat excursions in Port Dickson is a museum excursion. The Army Museum in Port Dickson has a wide array of displays, which includes army planes, artillery guns, tanks and even specialty weapons. The onsite fountain is a memorial built for the Malaysian army.

Next time when you travel to Port Dickson, consider these activities and excursion choices.


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