Cheapest Way to Get From Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan

Travellers to Malaysia are often concerned about finding the most economic way to go from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan. Because both cities offer internal airports, it is easy to assume that a flight is the best way to get about. Travellers who have time to spare may wish to opt for an option that allows them to see more of the local country.

Using Bus Service

Taking a bus from KL to Kuantan can be a good option for those who have some extra time to spare. This trip takes just under three hours and covers 248 km. Although the main route is along a paved highway easy for rental car drivers to navigate, there are several advantages to taking a bus. One is the fact that you can relax after your flight without worrying about what the other drivers are doing. You can also avoid the distractions that might come with additional passengers, including kids. Another advantage is not worrying about the possibility of getting lost for travellers who are alone.

bus from KL to Kuantan can be a good option

A Relaxing Ride

One thing that many travellers enjoy is the opportunity to enjoy the scenery while somebody handles the driving. Malaysia is a beautiful country with the colourful scenery. You will see more of the countryside in between cities during a bus ride. If you’re tired after your journey, you can take a rest while reclining in an air-conditioned bus. Local bus drivers are known for their warm, friendly attitude and make it easier for travellers to settle in and enjoy things.

Distraction-Free Rides

Many travellers going to Kuantan arrive as part of a family holiday. However, many small children don’t take to long trips in the car very well. Trying to find space for luggage may also be somewhat difficult when several travellers are in the party. It is often hard for a driver to stay properly focused on the road when there are several other people in the car. A bus provides extra space for everyone in the party, as well as their luggage.

Avoiding Driving Alone

Another reason to take a bus is to avoid the hassles of driving alone with a rental car. Even though the main road used for travel is well-marked and maintained, many people who travel alone prefer to use a bus. Many people also consider bus travel a safer option for solitary travellers. Malaysia is a fairly safe country, but travellers who get lost or break down may experience problems. Taking a bus eliminates these issues.

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