Beaches to Visit in Port Dickson

There’s no end to the things to do in Port Dickson, but one of the most commonly overlooked areas of this beautiful seaside town are its beaches. Port Dickson is home to a number of gorgeous stretches of white sand that are sure to appeal to most every tourist. Here are the top five beaches in the area.


1. Corus Paradise Beach

This beach is only available to guests at the Corus Paradise Resort. However, the resort has tried to give a more tropical lagoon feel to the beach that sets it apart from others in the area. It’s well worth a visit if you’re staying at the resort.


2. Bagan Pinang Beach

This beach is unique in that it doubles as a river delta at the north end; one of Malaysia’s many rivers discharges into the ocean, creating an environment where fresh water and salt water mix. Bagan Pinang Beach has plentiful parking options, as well as numerous shops where guests can rent kayaks, beach volleyball supplies, and windsurfers. There are also restaurants and picnic tables for people to sit at and enjoy the atmosphere.


bagan pinang


3. Cahaya Negeri Beach

pantai cahayaCahaya Negeri Beach is home to some of the whitest sand in all of Malaysia. The sea is clean and clear. Although the dining options are limited, this beach is perfect for those who want a quiet expanse of beach where they can sit and have a picnic or just enjoy the beach mood. If you get hungry, the Bayu Beach Resort is nearby and offers a number of different options for food. Cahaya Negeri is rated as one of the best beaches in Malaysia.


4. Blue Lagoon Beach

blue lagoon


This area is cradled by natural rock outcroppings on either side of the beach. While it isn’t white sand in the sense that most beach tourists would expect, Blue Lagoon Beach has a much more natural feel than most of its competitors. The small alcove is perfect for those who want to hide away from the crowds and find a small bit of beach just to themselves.


cape rachado5. Cape Rachado Beach

Cape Rachado is home to a small forest wildlife reserve, as well as a historic lighthouse. There’s a sense of rustic beauty to this area that other beaches don’t have; it’s a blend of nature and man-made additions that make it unique in Malaysia. There are sharp rocks under the water that can make swimming hazardous, but the area is great for exploring and enjoying the island atmosphere.


Malaysia is an excellent but far too often overlooked travel destination. If you visit, make sure to find a nice seaside villa in Port Dickson to spend your time in; it’s a far better accommodation option than a hotel and offers a more unique, authentic experience than you’re likely to find staying in a resort chain.

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