Bali Accommodation Available for Every Lifestyle and Budget

Bali is a lovely island located in the Indian Ocean and its hotels and resorts are some of the most modern and well-appointed establishments available anywhere in the world. For this reason, finding suitable Bali accommodation in which to begin a memorable vacation is not a difficult endeavor.

Bali hotels and resorts can be found in abundance in virtually any part of the island’s coastline areas, as well as in its urban regions. Denpasar is Bali’s largest city, and is located on the island’s southern coast. The second largest city is Singaraja, which is on the island’s north coast. Holidaymakers have their choice of resorts, hotels, private home rentals and even rustic huts that are perfect for those who enjoy camping and similar activities.




Time Frame

Bali hotels should be booked between April and September. This is widely known as Bali’s dry season, and those who travel to Bali during this time will not have to endure rain or highly humid weather.

Bali’s most popular season begins in July and ends in early September, but during this time prices are often quite high and good quality accommodations can be difficult to find. It is not impossible to get great hotel deals in Bali during these months; however, one should make reservations well in advance if this is when he or she is planning to visit the island.


Landmarks and Attractions

Gate to Heaven in Temple Pura Lempuyang, Bali Indonesia


Landmarks and Attractions

Outstanding museums, mesmerising temples and enchanting dance performances are just a few of the pictures that come to mind when travellers are working out their sightseeing itinerary. Those who enjoy spectacular scenery should consider a visit to Bali’s Mount Agung, which is found on the country’s largest mountain range, featuring peaks as high as 3,000 metres.

Those who prefer to spend their time on the beach are typically pleased with the variety the island offers, such as the white sandy beaches on its southern end, and those in the North that feature unique, black sand, which is a product of the island’s volcanic ash. Bali also boasts beautiful coral reefs, which appeal to diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

Gamelan orchestras are also a top Bali attraction, and these talented musical groups use exotic instruments to perform their interesting and unique scores. Asian culture and history come through in these impressive performances, making them highly enjoyable to both locals and visitors.


Kintamani Village


Kintamani Village is a great tourist attraction, and gives visitors a picturesque view of breathtaking scenery, including the renowned Mount Batur, which is a highly active volcano that has erupted three times in the 21st century, and 12 times throughout the 1900s.

Dinner cruises are another popular activity on the island among Bali tourists and residents alike. Sunset dinner cruises are favoured by most visitors, as enjoying dinner against the backdrop of an outstanding Bali sunset is a never to be forgotten experience.
A visit to the famous Balinese rain forest deserves a place on all holidaymakers’ must-see lists. Scenic tours are an ideal way to see Bali and nothing compares to an excursion through a colourful, lush rain forest.



You can book Bali accommodations online or one can visit a local travel agent to secure reservations. However, it is wise to compare various packages before a final decision is made. Regardless of each traveller’s specific holiday goals, a visit to Bali offers the memories of a lifetime, and will almost certainly make any visitor eager to return.


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