5 Tips to make the most of Penang’s Beaches

Penang Island in Malaysia is flocked by thousands of tourists yearly for its lush and tropical beaches. Popular beachside destinations like Batu Ferrengghi have peaceful and fun-filled beaches for everyone of all ages to enjoy. Stay at a Penang hotel by the beach and try out these 5 tips to make the most out of your beachside vacation.

  • Enjoy a Romantic Sunsetliving-in-penang-beachside-hotel-and-enjoy-the-beauty-of-sunset

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect view of sun, sky and sand. Pop open a bottle of champagne, lay down on a mat, kick back and relax with your partner and have the perfect romantic sunset all to yourselves.

  • Trek Penang National Parkbeside-the-beachside-of-hotel-we-trek-and-enjoy-the-nature-of-jungle-in-penang

The Penang National Park may seem daunting to trek, but hidden within the park are gems like the Monkey Beach and a view of the Green Sea Turtles. Within the park are lush greenery, rare vegetation and animals and insects you can only see first-hand, definitely an experience for the books.

  • Treat Your Feetfish-spa-recommend-by-hotel-in-penang

Spending all day at the beach can tire you out and the sand can damage your feet. Good thing there are wellness centres aplenty, specifically focused on your feet. Get a massage done at a foot reflexology centre to tame your toes or if you’re more adventurous, place your feet in a fish spa and have it cleaned by little sea critters.

  • Drive a Boatdriving-boat-on-the-sea-nearby-penang-hotel

Watersports are one of the main activities to do in Penang’s beaches, especially boat-related activities. There are tons of options; if you’re competitive join a dragon boat race or jet-ski. For a chill and relaxed activity, choose to kite-surf or go kayaking.

  • Have a Beachside Dinnerenjoy-beachside-dinner-with-a-view-provided-by-hotel-in-penang

The beaches in Penang are clean, white and untouched. With friends or your romantic partner, pack up a light dinner, bottles of wine and set up a campfire for an intimate beachside dinner to cap your trip off with cherished memories.

Book your Penang hotel by the beach and get to make the most of the island paradise. Enjoy, relax and unwind with these beach side activities.

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