5 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Family To Kuala Lumpur This Holiday Season


About nine million people travel to visit the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur every year. This makes it the sixth most visited city in the whole world. These facts speak for the city’s reputation as a tourist magnet. That’s why, if you are planning to treat your whole family to an enjoyable and memorable holiday vacation, it’s highly recommended that you bring them to Kuala Lumpur. Also known as the Garden City of Lights, Kuala Lumpur offers numerous attractions that are perfect for traveling families.
Still having doubts if Kuala Lumpur is the right destination for your family? The following should help clear things up:



1) It’s a food paradise. The city is the best place to indulge in culinary delights. What’s great about the city’s food scene is it’s unbelievable diversity. The restaurants and cafes are as diverse as the population. Whether you are looking for local Malay cuisine or international delicacies like Italian, Mexican, or Chinese, there’s no shortage of them in the city.



2) It has several parks, zoos, centers, and other establishments that are perfect for kids. Your children will absolutely love the attractions from places like Aquaria, Lake Gardens, Butterfly Park, Deer Park, and the Petrosains Discovery Center. At the Aquaria for instance, your kids will get the chance to watch sharks swim above them from a glass enclosure. On the other hand, the Petrosains Discovery Center has exhibits, displays, and educational games that children will surely enjoy.


3) There are direct flights to the city originating from a lot of major Asian cities. Traveling with a family can be a bit bothersome if the travel time and routes are long or complicated. The good news is that Kuala Lumpur is accessible via direct flights from many Asian countries such as the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, India, and Japan. Some of the flights can take several hours but at least you don’t have to worry about pesky flight transfers.



4)┬áIt’s a great place for holiday shopping. Kuala Lumpur is widely considered as one of the glitziest shopping destinations in Asia. From designer clothing to advanced electronics, the city has all your shopping needs covered. Points of interest for shoppers include Central Market, China Town, and Little India.


5) The city is home to many cultures. This is what makes the city so unique. The culture and the population are so diverse that you won’t feel out of place. This cultural diversity is manifested in the establishments you will see around the city. You can see the different cultures in everything from the food, the music, to the entertainment scene. There’s something for everyone. For instance, there’s a restaurant for almost every major nationality in the world.

In conclusion, Kuala Lumpur offers all the ingredients for a perfect family vacation. Whether you are staying there for a day or a week, it’s going to be a blast for everyone. Another good reason why you should go there this holiday season is the availability of discounts and promos being offered by hotels and other lodging establishments. That said, you should try looking for the best hotel deals for the whole family prior to your trip. Many hotels in the city have what they refer to as family packages which allow you to book rooms at discounted prices.

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