Things to Do and Places to Stay in Port Dickson, Malaysia

Port Dickson is about 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur center, but it is a world away from the stress and strain of Kuala Lumpur’s hustle and bustle. There are many things to see and do in this district, and in this article we will share some of the top attractions to take in here, as well as offer a few hotel ideas for those looking to spend their holiday here.


What to Do? 

Although walking along the beach and lounging in the sun are the top attractions in this region, perhaps you might like a little more adventure on your vacation. If so, you are in luck, for there are many attractions here to keep you and your family amused for hours. For example, here you can explore the Military Museum. This museum informs visitors on the military history of the Malay peninsula...

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Top Budget-Friendly Suggestions for Your Next Trip to Selangor

A trip to Malaysia is always a good idea, and this is especially true if you’re on a budget. One of the most wonderful places to visit in Malaysia is a place called Selangor. Before you plan your trip to this amazing city, you’ll of course need to book your hotel in Selangor.

With your budget in mind, look for something that meets your financial needs but also offers the best bang for your buck. This won’t be a challenge, and you’ll likely find that hotel selection in Selangor far exceeds your expectations.

Once you have a hotel, start looking into the activities you want to do while you’re in Selangor and the sites you want to see while you’re there. To get you started with some budget ideas, check out these suggestions.

1. Skytrex Adventure 

We can’t make this list without...

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Staying in Kuala Lumpur on a Business Trip


When visiting Kuala Lumpur on a business trip, what hotels will make for the best business stay? First, let’s understand the difference between business hotels and luxury hotels. A business hotel will usually have easy access to airports and restaurants for convenience. Also, the WiFi will have a higher quality than at a luxury hotel, and there will normally be a place for event meetings. What are some of the best business hotels in Kuala Lumpur?

Majestic KL_website8.7
The Majestic Hotel 

This hotel has daily housekeeping, air conditioning, self parking, an outdoor pool and a fitness center. There is also an airport shuttle to get you to the airport as needed. Nearby, you will have places like Chinatown, Merdeka Square, Petaling Square and the National Mosque. The hotel also boasts two separate restaurants.


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