Where to Find Kuala Lumpur Public Transport Schedules


Kuala Lumpur is both the capital city and largest metropolitan city in Malaysia. Commonly referred to as KL or the garden city of lights, Kuala Lumpur is a cultural, financial and economic capital while also being classified as an alpha world city, the only one of its kind in Malaysia.

Being the metropolitan city that it is, it boasts an often well-functioning and modern public transport system which penetrates most of the city. The network of buses, monorail, light rail transit and commuter transit ensure you can get around the city on much less than you would in a taxi or car rental...

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Hotels in KL That Guarantee An Amazing Family Vacation


Kuala Lumpur theme parks are ideal for families seeking fun and adventure when on holiday. On such trips, children of all ages can enjoy challenging obstacle courses and thrilling rides, as well as water park activities, shopping and dining. Water parks such as the Sunway Lagoon in Petaling Jaya is one of the most popular in the area, and the perfect place for visitors who want a break from Malaysia’s tropical, hot weather. Fortunately, those looking for a resort have several options from which to choose:


Sunway Pyramid Hotel East and West

A top choice in Kuala Lumpur, the Sunway Pyramid Hotel East and West is situated between the Sunway Pyramid Shopping and Entertainment Mall and the heart of the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park...

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Kuala Lumpur: A Place for Travel and Excitement


Kuala Lumpur: the international capitol and most popular city in Malaysia. It is home to some of the most beautiful, postmodern architecture, the highest education rate, great popularity with tourism, its food, art, and the many other attractive qualities that put this Metropolitan area in such positive regard among many. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the best kind of tourist attraction, then here’s your chance to be in the midst of Malaysia’s premier capitol.

The City:

Here is a city cluttered with historical monuments parks to stroll around in, eye-popping skyscrapers that reach to infinite heights of amazement, countless shopping centres, street markets with all of the best kind of food the city’s known for, and other tourist spots to visit. And the site-seeing...

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Port Dickson: Convenience with Many Attractions


Port Dickson (PD) is a coastal city located only 90 km (55 miles) from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Due to its proximity and easy access, it has become a popular destination for both the residents of the capital as well as tourists not looking to venture too far away from Kuala Lumpur. What’s more, its proximity to Malacca Strait makes this location a stop on the way.

Long coast line with beaches

Port Dickson has 18 km (11 miles) of beaches. Some of them are quiet, while others busier, so tourists of different age groups will find a suitable place. Whether seeking white sands, beautiful nature, or pursuing water sports, there’s something for everyone.

Due to well-developed tourist base, finding a pd hotel, whether budget or luxury, isn’t a problem...

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Food & Travel Tips/Guides to Sabah, Malaysia

If you are visiting Malaysia in the near future, there is a good chance that you have looked into the local cuisine, as there are a ton of amazing ethnic restaurants in the area, ranging from small restaurants that you might pop into for a quick lunch, to luxurious restaurants for a late dinner. While there are all sorts of restaurants in Sabah, Malaysia, eating at a restaurant that focuses on local cuisine is the best way to go. Sabah has an incredible amount of seafood restaurants, as the state rests right on the ocean, so you will find a bunch of restaurants that feature locally caught seafood. This is a great way to go, although you might also be looking for a nice cut of steak, or any other type of dish...

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