Tips For Holidaying In Port Dickson, A Yachtsman’s Paradise


Port Dickson is a seafarer’s paradise. For almost 200 years this quaint little port has been welcoming seafarers from all over the world. Formally known as both Tanjung (Cape) or Arang (charcoal)by the local Malay because of its location and carbon mine, the name of the town was changed to Port Dickson when the British built a harbour there sometime between 1828 and 1889. The locals then began to refer to the town as PD. In 1927, sailors returning to Malaysia from their adventures in the sea trade founded the country’s first yacht club. Since then, several more have been founded and PD is now a hotbed of yachting and sailing activities.


Yachting is not merely a hobby in PD. Members of the yacht clubs in PD now run regattas and teach dinghy sailing courses...

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