Beaches to Visit in Port Dickson

There’s no end to the things to do in Port Dickson, but one of the most commonly overlooked areas of this beautiful seaside town are its beaches. Port Dickson is home to a number of gorgeous stretches of white sand that are sure to appeal to most every tourist. Here are the top five beaches in the area.

1. Corus Paradise Beach

This beach is only available to guests at the Corus Paradise Resort. However, the resort has tried to give a more tropical lagoon feel to the beach that sets it apart from others in the area. It’s well worth a visit if you’re staying at the resort.

2. Bagan Pinang Beach

This beach is unique in that it doubles as a river delta at the north end; one of Malaysia’s many rivers discharges into the ocean, creating an environment where fresh water and salt water mix...

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Discover Kuantan on the Malaysian coast


There are several bus companies, as well as airlines, that will take you from the capital, Kuala Lumpur to the coastal town of Kuantan, the state capital of Pahang. The KL to Kuantan bus ride is three to four hours. The expressway recently opened takes three hours, and if the bus takes the slower route, it takes about four hours. Kuantan is an interesting city with many things to do, with beaches facing the South China Sea and being on the mouth of the Kuantan River. The KL to Kuantan bus ride on the East Coast Expressway is the fastest way and a pleasant ride through the green countryside. Here are some things to do once you get to Kuantan.

MAL7089D beachfront Club Med Cherating
One reason people come to Kuantan is the beaches, and they are not disappointed...

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Doing Off-beat Activities in Port Dickson, Malaysia


Traveling to Malaysia doesn’t mean a visit to Kuala Lumpur. Just a few hours from this posh urban city, there is a quaint beach-side refuge known as Port Dickson. The town’s laid-back setting, scenic vistas, and friendly people make the vacationing experience even better. While in Port Dickson, travelers can enjoy some unique activities such as ostrich ride, oriental temple tours and historic excursions. However, doing off-beat in Port Dickson is also highly recommended for every traveler. Exploring the local culinary scene, historic establishments and flea markets can give you an insight into the local culture in Port Dickson. Plus, the town’s diverse and strong culinary history and local shopping will not disappoint you.
Local Cuisine:

Malaysian cuisine has a lot of regional an...

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