Your Guide to Must-Try Foods in Malays

While it’s easy to find hotels in Malaysia due to all the tourist companies, it can be hard to find good food. There are a variety of ways to find the good food, however.

One such way to find the best restaurants to eat at in Malaysia is to take a food tour. There are plenty of companies that offer these in Kuala Lumpur and the rest of Malaysia. One such tour offers an itinerary of Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian food with a night market at the end. The tour is called “Off the Eaten Path”, as the restaurants do not usually attract tourists by themselves.

The food tours are also often available in the center of whichever city they are being held in. The tours offer the ability to see the best restaurants that a tourist may not otherwise try.

Another interesting thing to try while in Mal...

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If You Haven’t Heard of Port Dickson, Here’s What You Should Know

Port Dickson is a vastly popular beach community with top beaches alongside top accommodation and dining options in Malaysia. Whether you are simply looking to escape from the city for a few days or to spend a week decompressing from your travels, Port Dickson has something exciting to offer everyone.

Points of Interest

Port Dickson is often referred to as PD by locals and in general conversation. Around the time of the Asian economic crisis, this resort village was on the brink of destruction from pollution and over-development without preservation or environmental protection. It is quickly returning to a popular international tourist destination, however it has long been a preferred weekend and holiday destination for locals, expats and Singaporeans...

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Bali Accommodation Available for Every Lifestyle and Budget

Bali is a lovely island located in the Indian Ocean and its hotels and resorts are some of the most modern and well-appointed establishments available anywhere in the world. For this reason, finding suitable Bali accommodation in which to begin a memorable vacation is not a difficult endeavor.

Bali hotels and resorts can be found in abundance in virtually any part of the island’s coastline areas, as well as in its urban regions. Denpasar is Bali’s largest city, and is located on the island’s southern coast. The second largest city is Singaraja, which is on the island’s north coast. Holidaymakers have their choice of resorts, hotels, private home rentals and even rustic huts that are perfect for those who enjoy camping and similar activities.


Time Frame

Bali hotels should be booked bet...

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